Tap into the infinite natural energy resources such as the sun or wind. Choosing renewable energy systems for your building has many advantages with the potential of turning you from an energy consumer to an energy producer.


Go renewable and reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint, and achieve larger sustainability and energy independence!


We offer integral solutions for renewable energy systems, with customized packages that suit any building. Our consulting and engineering services include:

  •  Assisting in selecting the adequate renewable energy source and system for your building
  • Design according to siting, zoning, and other legal requirements*
  • Estimate of the annual energy output and return on investment 
  • Obtaining all the permits and certificates and producing all the paperwork*
  • Obtaining financial assistance from the applicable national and EU energy funds*
  • Installing or retrofitting renewable energy systems
  • Project supervision
  • Maintenance
*Available only for the territory of the Republic of Croatia