One of the most important forms of corporate social responsibility is renewable energy. Your company, local government, or public institution is now in a position to take a lead in committing to renewable energy goals.


Combine renewables for optimal results

Our smart energy solutions enable you to combine solar panels, solar thermal systems, micro wind turbines, and battery storage to achieve optimal results. For example, solar photovoltaic systems will enable you to harvest solar energy even on cloudy days. For even greater gain, you can store the electricity in special batteries and use it after the sun goes down, or on another day.

Efficient and attractive

Besides the discrete solar slates or tiles on the roof, solar panels can be designed to form a shade over your parking lot and coupled with chargers for electric and hybrid vehicles, making it a cost-effective, attractive, and aesthetically elegant solution. In case you already use renewables, we can add a storage battery to your property as a retrofit.

High-tech, low maintenance

Though high-tech, renewable energy systems are surprisingly low maintenance. For example, solar panels are designed to be self-cleaning, while prescribed check-ups are spanned across a period of years instead of annually.