Smart Home: Your Building, Your Rules

More than mere convenience or technological fad, a smart home means unsurpassed comfort, more free time for the entire family, and security when you’re home or away. Smart home is also reducing your energy costs and your carbon footprint by enabling all the installations and appliances to be used much more efficiently.

All in all, smart homes are both extremely practical, sustainable, and the ultimate fun. Our experts will design and install all the smart features to suit your desires.


Heating & Cooling

Perfect, adaptive regulation of temperature and humidity. Armed with optimized sensors, your heating system or air conditioners will automatically turn on or off when the given criteria are met.

Artificial & Natural Light

Your smart home lighting and automatic blinds are coordinated to regulate the amount of light according to your wishes or the hour of the day. Just like any other smart home feature, they can be placed on the schedule and set to turn on or off based on sunset or sunrise times, or motions. Smart bulbs can communicate with your central smart home panel and display statistic or metrics to allow you a further reduction of energy bills. 


Command your entire home entertainment system, such as TV and speakers, via single control or even voice activation. The smart home entertainment system is connected to all the other electrical systems in the house. As you sit down to watch a movie, your smart home will pull down the blinds, dim the lights, adjust the heating or cooling and lighting and transform your living room into a movie theatre in a matter of seconds.

Security and Fire-alarm

A smart home provides enhanced security capacities such as tracking motion, including baby and senior monitors, live video feeds from different parts of your property, synchronization with a smart lock on your entrance door, as well as audio/video communication. Smart security kits activate motion sensors and detectors when no one is home, provide 24/7 monitoring notifications and alerts, having the capacity to lock windows and doors remotely. The same applies to fire alarms. 

Gardens, Yards, Terraces, and Pools

Smart home regulates your sunscreens, external lighting, pool, and garden irrigation systems for maximum efficiency and comfort. For instance, optimized sensors can monitor the moisture in your garden, starting irrigation only when necessary and thus conserving water.

Home Hub

A smart home hub can become your most reliable digital assistant, help you organize your calendar, schedule conference calls, and give all kinds of alerts, providing a broad range of controlling your smart home assets. 

Smart Any Time, Any Season

Smart home constantly learns your habits and optimizes the use of all the features and appliances according to your behavior and inputs. It adjusts to different scenarios, and different ways you’re using your home during working days or weekends, summer or winter, day or night. For instance, aware that the last tenant has left the house, smart home will check all the locks, windows, security systems, and adjust heating or cooling. And once it notices that tenants are approaching the house, it will prepare your home for your arrival.